This article started as an email that I sent out and grew from there. I wanted people to see that they should be proud of their business.

Many of us start a business and then don’t tell anyone just in case it doesn’t work. Many of us (and yes I have been guilty of this too!) don’t promote our business on our social media pages or talk about it even locally to our friends, we hope it will grow without that.

I am going to tell you now it can eventually grow but it is so much harder. I believe the reason it is harder is that until you see yourself truly invested in your business your mind doesn’t see your investment and only does what needs to be done.

Maybe you don’t put in that extra hour or so occasionally, or connect with two more people that could have been sales or when you’re with your friends and they are talking about their jobs, you don’t talk about your business. You simply stay quiet.

So I want you to learn how to Shout, not Whisper!

In saying that I want to let you now read the email that I send out and see if you see yourself in the story.

Email Start
As you know my name is Tina Fletcher and I am a Business Mentor and Coach. I have over 30 years’ experience in various businesses from running Takeaways, selling Essential Oil Products, being a Graphic Designer, Web Developer, and much more. Some were successful, some weren’t but each one taught me more and more about business and the underlying business structure that is needed for success. So now I help people to develop strong online businesses where they can succeed.

My Mission is to enable 10,000 people to create their own online business so they can look after themselves, their family, and the world in general.

Me and my team help people to declutter their minds, find their focus so they can build and launch an online business that creates an income that allows them the freedom to live the life they want.

We get that creating an online business can be hard and complicated as there are plenty of components involved, so we have systems in place that we teach to make it simple and actionable. Therefore, allowing women to build their business to their own personal level of success.

We don’t just want our tribe to have an online business, we want them to have a successful online business which means that they can feel confident and proud to shout from the rooftops “My Name is and this is MY Business”.

Instead of what we see so many times, a “business” that doesn’t SHOUT I love what I do and I am good at it but a little WHISPER of I kinda have a business, maybe, not really.

Really ask yourself this… Are you proud and confident of the business you are creating? Are you shouting or whispering?

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