You know that feeling of total frustration and how it grows until you feel that everything is out of control and you are simply getting nowhere.

It’s a challenge to understand that the feelings of frustration can be a catalyst if you let it. In fact, I think if you are not getting frustrated once and a while you are living in your comfort zone and may not be pushing yourself and your business to new heights.

Yes, it is so much more comfortable in your comfort zone (that’s why it’s called a comfort zone!) but you need to get uncomfortable to grow, and frustration is the key.

Psychology defines frustration as a “common emotional response to opposition.” Frustration is similar to feelings of anger and disappointment and can become even more exasperating if your goals and plans seem to be thwarted at every turn.

As the situation gets more and more frustrating your brain kicks into overdrive and helps you find better solutions than when you are comfortable. It wants to remove the chaos and get you back on track. It may take time, but eventually, you will have a breakthrough if you keep trying and this will erase the frustration and let you move forward.

Remember how your view of frustration affects how you react to it! By understanding that and changing your emotional response to frustration, you take back control and see is as a delay trigger to meeting your goals rather than an “I am done, and I am giving up” point. Knowing you will overcome the situation and may even learn from the experience can help you to move through it.

Acknowledging and knowing the triggers that lead to frustration is important. For example, many women in business become frustrated when trying to learn something new like generating traffic or leads. It’s a foreign topic for some, so it’s understandable that you won’t get it straight away.

Instead of letting that frustration shut you down permanently, you need to take action. When it gets too hard, find someone new to explain it to you, talk to someone who has done it before or find a step by step tutorial so you can’t second guess yourself. Taking action is the first step in counteracting the feeling of frustration and your brain will see it as a success so will help you move forward, even if you haven’t actually achieved the goal as yet.

Sometimes you need to walk away, let your brain do its thing and take your mind off the problem that is causing the frustration. As long as you are taking action of some sort, and not sitting there feeling frustrated. Go for a walk, bake a cake, draw a picture, do that less stressful task that you have been putting off, go something you love in your business. Any of these activities that you enjoy will temporarily change your focus from frustration to accomplishment. This, in turn, changes the feeling from frustration to accomplishment even if only for a little while it gives you time to step back and relieve the stress.

Another idea that is good is to talk over the issue with others that are in the same situation, i.e. other businesswomen in groups, forums, network meeting etc. They may suggest something that switches a light on in your head and gives you the actionable step to move on towards.

Frustration can be just that, frustrating, but it can boost your creativity and push you forward if you let it. Or it can cause a negative reaction that compounds the problem. Negative behaviours can lead to procrastination, thinking negative, giving up or simply doing nothing.

So the next time you feel frustration is creeping into your thought process, acknowledge it and look at the situation and think what could it be trying to tell you. Frustration can mean that a breakthrough is imminent if you get that you can keep moving forward and take action.

So let Frustration be your catalyst, not your captor.

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