Heartbeats of a Brand

Harmonizing Passion and Strategy

🕒 50 Minutes Transformation!

In this Masterclass, dive deep into the heart of brand-building. Discover the secret dance between passion and strategy and unlock the potential for exponential business growth.

Why This Masterclass?

  • Powerful Insights: Presented by Tina Fletcher, a seasoned expert in brand strategy and passionate advocate for authentic brand-building.
  • Unlock Growth: Learn the secret of harmonizing passion with strategy, and watch your business soar.
  • New Perspective: Looking at the harmony between Passion and Strategy may even up being an aha moment and the missing secret you have been searching for.

What You Will Learn

  • The Essence of Passion: Why it's the heartbeat of every successful brand.
  • Strategic Mastery: How to craft strategies that resonate with your brand's core essence.
  • The Harmony Blueprint: A step-by-step guide to blending passion and strategy for maximum impact.


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Lynn Briggs

Computers have always been a challenge for me to the point of complete procrastination in turning one even on

Terminology of the IT field I found very frustrating to understand and thought it was another language.

Starting from a deeply negative perspective, Tina’s course was easily set out with simple to follow steps. The main problem for me was breaking down all the information that I wanted to put into my website. Being of a pedantic nature, her guidance helped me break the information down into subject matter and simple to read.

Tina’s wealth of information and experience was invaluable. I found her patient and full of valuable advice once I had decided the direction that I wanted to take my business in. Her suggestions of how to capture an audience and further ideas for future web growth and changes, I really cannot put a price on. She is one of the best, relatable people that I have come across.

Christina Anton

Before working with Tina, I felt lost in the sea of branding and was unsure of the direction my business was headed. Tina not only gave my brand a fresh and professional look with a stunning website, but she also provided invaluable insights that gave me absolute clarity on my business vision and goals. Her expertise goes beyond just design; she truly understands the essence of branding and aligning it with business objectives. I now feel confident, clear, and excited about the future of my business. Thank you, Tina, for being such a game-changer!

Liz Zed, Ph.D., BCC, MCC, Certified Mentor Coach

I wish I had found Tina years ago. Tina’s knowledge is invaluable. I have had the privilege of being a participant in her weekend workshop plus her expert guidance with me on my website & it has inspired me to be in action like nothing before.

She’s just what’s been missing for a ridiculously long time while my website has suffered from neglect. I’m not a beginner by any stretch of the imagination AND that doesn’t mean that this would be over the heads of anybody who is a beginner. It’s not. Tina is just so amazing because she has that incredible facility to teach it from basic first baby steps & if you already know the level she’s teaching you can enjoy the refresher (because Tina’s a master at making this website guidance interesting & inviting at even the most basic level) or just jump in when the training is relevant to where you’re being held back. Absolutely

Everything plus the kitchen sink is available to you in the weekend workshop training so jump in with both feet & enjoy website creation & improvement like never before! Thank You, Tina. You inspire me

Heartbeats of a Brand

Harmonizing Passion and Strategy

🕒 50 Minutes Transformation!

Don't miss out on understanding how you can transform your business and brand by knowing this secret.