How to Set Up a Domain & Hosting

This Bite-size Training is for Purchasing a Domain Name and Hosting, we are going to look at how to purchase a domain name and hosting.

Now I use two different hosting providers Namecheap and Bluehost, and they are both great to use. I stopped recommending Bluehost a while back because their support was terrible, but over the last year or so their support has been amazing. So I am happy to recommend them again. Bluehost is easier to set up things as it is all automatic, but in saying that their prices are higher. I will show you the few things you need to do with Namecheap and they are once only. So I am going to go with Namecheap for this lesson.

But the choice is yours, and you can use whichever hosting provider you wish as long as they have a Cpanel with WordPress all is good.

Recommended Providers for Purchasing a Domain and Hosting

Next, we will look at setting up your SSL. We are going to look at how to set it up and make your website secure.

With Namecheap, you get a free SSL for the first year, and then I think it is around $10-$15 for the next year.

It is easy to set up, and if you have any problems, their support is amazing and will help you out. When you signed up for your hosting you would have been given cPanel login details in the emails, so let's go over and I will show you which email and then how to log in and set up your SSL.

I usually then wait at least an hour before I start setting up my website to allow the SSL to come online and the hosting to propagate.

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