Level Up Positioning Program

Are You Ready to take your business to the next level ... to get support and mentorship from someone who not only gets it but has been there, done that? 

Why You Must Position Yourself for Success.

If you have looked around my site, come to any of my training, or are part of my programs, you know I am all about Positioning Yourself to Connection with Your Audience. 

My goal is to help businesses have an online presence that showcases them at the best, connects with their audience, and use the Power of Visual Content as your secret sauce.

If you look at your online presence, your website, your social media platforms and you know your audience are not seeing you at your best. Then I can help. 

I love working with people who are ready to take themselves further, faster, and want to learn. 

What's the Plan

First, we look at where you are and where you want to go and then discuss actionable steps to make it happen. 

If you are looking to work with someone who gives you information and then expects you to work out how to do it. Then I am not the right person for you. 

If you are looking to work smart, put in systems to grow your business. Use the tools that I have tried and tested and get actionable steps then please keep reading as this might be exactly what you are missing. 

You see if I can use an analogy

I want to work with people who are making their own pie, it may not be the best yet but they are willing to test and improve to make it so. I want to show them the secret sauce to Position them as Authority in their Niche.

You see many times the difference between success and mediocracy is simply knowing the steps to take, taking them in the right order, and being consistent. 

And if you do this you can showcase yourself and your business to the RIGHT audience and converts them into clients.

Once again can I ask, are you ready to take action . . .? 

If so read on!

What Included

One on One Coaching - Group Training - Inhouse Services


Depending on where your business is currently, what your goals are, and your growth patterns some of the things that we may cover are . . .

  • How to grow your business online and use the right automation tools and funnels
  • How to take your WOW and make you stand out in the crowded online atmosphere
  • Why you must focus on the right audience for you if you want to convert them into paying customers 
  • Putting in place systems for growth and patterns for success
  • Showcasing you and your business correctly online so we capture connections quickly
  • Picking the right online platforms that your audience hang out on and want to engage with you. 
  • And More.

We work together
for 13 weeks

During this time we can meet weekly and you have access to me to revise and reposition your business. 

We start with an intensive and personalised one on one session (usually between 60-90 minutes) and we review your business from the ground up.

My team will then step in and rebuild/refresh your online presence. YES, we do this work for you.
This may include a new Website, Branding, Logo, Social Media Imagery, depending on your needs and our focus for needs to create your Power Position Presence.

Also with this, you will get training on how to develop an automatic lead generation system.

How to Plan out your funnel for now and future growth

The Power Positioning Program

Is for you if . . . 

  • You know you are in the right business, but your audience is not connecting with you or seeing the presence you know you have (only it is hidden behind an online presence lacks authority)
  • You do not have systems in place to make sure you look is consistent over all platforms
  • You do not have in place funnels and solutions that are simple to implement and replicate
  • You know it is time to take action and make your online Position POWERFUL

If any of this is true for you then please don't waste more time thinking about what to do instead learn to take action and position your business, otherwise, the people you dreamed on helping may simply not find you

How sad would that be?


Ready to Take Action

Watch the Masterclass which goes into further details here

When you are ready to find out more and see if together we can reposition you and grow your business, then fill out the application form. 

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