“All successes begin with Self-Discipline. It starts with you.” – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

I love this quote; I love that it gives you back control of your success and reminds you that you are the most integral part of whatever you decide to do. If you have found your passion in life and wanted to create a business from that, understanding that self-discipline is a major factor that will definitely help you on your journey.

Having discipline may sound too rigid for following your dreams. However, it helps take your Motivation and transforms your vision into reality. The motivation may have gotten you started, but the discipline is what gets you up and keeps you going forward.

Imagine that you have always wanted to run a 10-kilometre race. You sign up, you are all excited, and then you realise you actually have to run the distance. Without the discipline to train, you will not succeed. Imagine if you run your business the same way. You need to do the work!

Having a daily routine allows you to know what you are doing and to plan ahead. This means you do not miss tasks and you streamline your time. Doing this not only makes you more efficient, but it also helps your conscious and sub-conscious mind to work more efficiently. It lets you build your business to suit your lifestyle and dreams.

By having a routine, you allow yourself to be able to take the tasks that are important and do them first and then finish off with minor jobs.

This way you will feel as if you are moving forward and creating your own victories. This does not mean that you are so structured that you do not allow for opportunities to take you further, in fact, it allows for you to embrace possibilities. It stops you from being bogged down in the ‘business’ and not open to new opportunities that come from following your passion and life’s mission.

The easiest and best way to achieve the self-discipline you aim for is by repetition. Do it once and then do it repeatedly. For example, start each day with an hour of writing or an hour of study; just choose and stick to it.

This might feel like a lot of work now, but eventually, it will become a habit that allows you to do it automatically and then spend your other time on doing what you love. Moreover, maybe with it becoming a habit, you might find you actually love it.

Having self-discipline combined with your passions put you ahead of the curve and gives you the secret to making things happen. One without the other means you either burn out or simply lose interest.

As it is easy to have a passion and dream of bigger things, the hardest but most rewarding thing is when you have reached your goal and know that it was you that got you there.

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